Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nice things...

     Well, the waiting continues as we approach six weeks. In that time, as I've been anxiously checking my e-mail, phone and regular mail, I have managed to start writing the second book in the Wolf Song Trilogy, called 'Night Song'. I've also gotten a book cover done and it is awesome! A publisher will often have a book cover done for you, and of course they have the last say, but I like the one I have and think with some negotiating we can use it if they agree on it's quality.

     Two nice things happened over the last few days. Many of you know that my day job, is as an exterminator. Yep, nothing but living the rock-star life for this future award winning author! One of the cool things is that I do mostly commercial sites that have a lot of people working at them. Being the shameless self-promoter that I am, I make sure each of the offices that I do, know I've written a book. Hey it never hurts to let people know, right? Anyway a few days ago a young lady from the office administration staff at one of my accounts came over and told me she read the sample on this web page and she absolutely loved it, and she can't wait for the book to come out.

     A day or two later I was at a school I service and the principal comes up and says, "Hey you are the writer right? I read your sample and loved it. It's going to be an awesome book."

     I was floored, if only from the fact that I'd never spoken to her about the book, which means the other staff are talking about it and told her she should read it. I work over 250+ accounts, all with multiple employees, if I can get the word out that successfully, then I will be in great shape when 'Wolf Song' finally hits the stores.

     In all honesty those comments made me feel pretty dang good, and then seeing the book cover with my name on it just topped everything off! I won't lie to you, I have no patience and the six weeks of waiting, out of something that can take over half a year just to get to talk to publishers is killing me. But it's those nice days, when someone shows some enthusiasm when you didn't expect them to even know about your book, that help you get by!

     Here is to hoping the wait will not be too much longer and that more and more people will discover the great story in 'Wolf Song'! Thanks for reading my post and I am talking to a few people who have published books already, to come on and do a guest post. I'll let you know when I have some news!

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