Friday, April 27, 2012

     Can you feel it, the chill in the air? Is your pulse beating just a touch faster? Well the time is rapidly approaching! 14 days till the release of 'Wolf Song'. I am excited that the terrible wait is almost over and I can finally share a great story with you. There will be a few exciting things coming up, including some give aways, blog interviews and pod casts. So stay tuned I will keep you posted on these fun events.

Also just wanted to let people know I will be moving this blog to:

as soon as I get it all prettied up. I also have a Facebook author page almost complete and will follow up with those details too.

     Are you ready to join, Jon, Aldus, Father McTeague and Dr. Beaumont as they battle for their lives against the All-Father's fury? Get set, because you are about to embark on a fast paced, action packed ride that will leave you breathless and wondering if the person standing next to you on line is something more than human.

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