Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be the first to see the 'Wolf Song' book trailer!

It's here! It's finally here! The pre-publishing book trailer for wolf song is out, and let me tell you, I have spared no expense. (Link on bottom of post.)

Okay, now it seems people are turning more and more to book trailers to let people know they have a novel out for sale. I have to admit, I like the idea, I do; 1 part pride and 2 parts marketing. But I ran into a few problems, namely; expense, expertise, and well, trying to stick out from the growing crowd, when wanting to make mine. 

So what's a first time novelist to do? I watched many book trailers, all very professional looking with the book cover and impressive royalty free music in the background and I thought, "Hey I don't even HAVE a book cover yet but I still want people to know my book will be coming out soon."

So I sat and I thought. Being much better at one than the other, the process took a little time but finally I had a check list for making my own book trailer.

1) Way too much time on my hands. Check
2) A budget that included three crumpled dollar bills and the remains of a paper clip, burning a hole in my pocket.
3) A friend with an I-phone. (That was an important one, I can not stress that enough)
4) A willingness to be on YouTube. (I can't believe my first YouTube video and I am not even getting arrested in it! You lost the bet Grandma, I believe you owe me $5!)

So having said that, here is the way before it is published, Wolf Song book trailer. Feel free to share it with your friends one one condition, it is understood that Frank Smith publishing can not give you the 2:50 of your life back. Enjoy it. It was meant for a laugh and just a way to remind people there is a very cool book that will hit the streets this year.

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