Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little about 'Wolf Song'

For years I had an idea running around in my head. I wanted to write a book about vampires and werewolves. But years later when I finally started the story, it was no longer easy to say you were writing about vampires. The question now-a-days is; 'Which vampires?'

There are so many different types out there, love-sick, angst ridden ones, a type that is almost like an alternate life form that evolved along with us, those that were turned by some disease or experiment, etc.

I didn't want any of those types. I needed old school vampires!  So I went back for the arch-type I wanted. Back past the sparkly love-sick ones, back past the homo-erotic Ann Rice vampires. Till I got to the silent killers in the night. These were the embodiment of evil with no shred of compassion, preying on humanity for their own desires. They were the ones called, "The Prince of Darkness." Foul creatures returned as the undead with incredible powers and a malevolent will to turn humans either into food or lackeys. (Anyone old enough to remember Renfield from the earlier Dracula stories?) These were the ones I inhabited my novel with.

The werewolves have a great back story and I tried to make it believable. No more, "It was a curse that turned him into a lycanthrope." With new technology and scientific enlightenment, we get better answers than the superstitions of ages past. An honest and hopefully believable take on these powerful beasts.

Mostly I wanted action. The type that I would plunk down a great deal of money to see in a movie. I wanted suspense, burning questions that are answered later in the book. Along with hate, betrayal, redemption, sadness and fight scenes. Not, "Ohh you punched me." but scenes that would draw on the unbelievable power of these titans that walk among us. Wall breaking, sidewalk shattering fights, as age old enemies attempt to destroy one another in the modern day.

I have posted a sample, in a tab beneath the blog title called, 'Wolf Song' Sample.

Come along and join: Jon, Aldus, Father McTeague, Dr. Beaumont and the Vampire All-father and his 'family' as a single incident spirals into a cataclysmic fight for the survival of thousands.

 As always, thanks for letting me ramble on. I really do think you will enjoy the book, I would love to 'hear' your comments!

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