Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hey, what's with the title of this blog?

Someone asked me today, why I called my blog, 'Finite Language'. I guess I forgot I'm the only one who would understand that. I always liked to write, even when I was a teenager. I never dreamed I would write anything other than poetry, simply because I have the attention span of an over-sugared hamster.  However, I did take some pride in the the way I could manipulate words. I thought I was pretty sharp actually. Until one day, in my late teens, I ran head first into real life. Someone I knew very closely, experienced a heartbreaking tragedy.

Suddenly the language I was so proud of, seemed to shrink both in the ability to convey what I wanted and its importance. I was abruptly aware of how very small words can be, how paltry they are when it really matters and how limited they always were, although I never saw it.

So I guess the title is a way to remind myself of a few things. First, pride. There are always going to be times that challenge you to open up beyond what you believe. You can accept that and learn from it, or you can become a pig-headed fool. It's good to remind ourselves, that we are not as smart as we think we are, nor others a dumb as they seem to be. Second, words are finite. Yes, with words you can inspire, horribly wound or even change a life, but there will always be a time when the simple touch of another human being will be a thousand times stronger than your words will ever be.

So that's it in a nutshell. The title is just a reminder to be humble, even if the book takes off beyond my wildest dreams, and to not forget there are times when actions definitely speak louder than words. It's good to be a dreamer, but don't forget to be a 'do'er' also.

The next post, I'll tell you a little about 'Wolf Song' and hopefully pique your interest.